"Hey, I'm Dominik, I'm from Bonn and I love electronic music. A while ago I wanted to go to an event that had a harder dress code, but there just wasn't a good shop that offered the right jewelry for my outfit. So I thought that It can't be that way, something has to be changed! So I took the reins and made the first prototypes. Inspired by club visits in Cologne and Berlin.
First, I opened a small shop on the Etsy platform.
Almost a year later, I was able to make over 1,000 customers happy, including my own website. I have also achieved seller star status on Etsy. This is only reserved for people/stores that offer particularly good quality and service.
But as I continued to grow, Etsy turned out to be very fee-hungry and too expensive. I want to continue to offer fair prices, but if I have to factor in Etsy's fees, I think it becomes too expensive. That's why I opened my own online shop with my own website!
Accordingly, I look forward to making your individual piece for you.
So, what are you waiting for?
Thank you for reading and see you soon,
your Dominik :)"
updated on March 8, 2024